[Protocol] => 17
    [HostName] => High Quarters[AU/NZ]5x/kit/tp/home
    [Map] => Procedural Map
    [ModDir] => rust
    [ModDesc] => Rust
    [AppID] => 0
    [Players] => 0
    [MaxPlayers] => 150
    [Bots] => 0
    [Dedicated] => d
    [Os] => w
    [Password] => 
    [Secure] => 1
    [Version] => 2155
    [ExtraDataFlags] => 177
    [GamePort] => 49225
    [SteamID] => 90124441587141633
    [GameTags] => mp150,cp0,qp0,v2155,h33bafa85,stok,born1552633163,oxide,modded
    [GameID] => 252490

Array ( [build] => 33211 [description_00] => Server Rules: - Using 3rd party applications to gain an advantage will result in a ban. This include [description_01] => s cheating, scripts and macros. - Spamming chat or being racist will result in either a mute, or ban [description_02] => depending on the duration, and type of content. Any type of advertising with result in a mute, or b [description_03] => an. Releasing of personal information of other players (doxxing) will result in a perm ban regardle [description_04] => ss of where you obtained this information This will also result in a Discord perm ban. Impersonating [description_05] => server or staff members will result in being banned, the duration of this is dependant on the type [description_06] => of content and intent by the person. -Please respect all staff, they are here to help. -Anyone fou [description_07] => nd on our servers evading a game ban will be permanently banned, this includes any future accounts p [description_08] => urchased to bypass the original game ban. - Anyone caught playing with a person who is cheating wil [description_09] => l be banned for 2 weeks for association. Evading this ban by playing on an alternative account will [description_10] => result in being permanently banned. -Anyone caught playing with a person over multiple accounts tha [description_11] => )

Time: 1.1935 s